Running a Docker Swarm on a Raspberry Pi Cluster.

For a long time i’ve wanted to experiment with running a small cluster on my Raspberry Pi’s, but I’ve always had lots of other things to do. Recently i started moving my hosted services from my NAS onto a single Raspberry Pi, and came across a few older Raspberry Pi’s, and thought now is a good a time as any, so here goes. Hardware used I used the following components: [Read More]

Securing a collocated Raspberry Pi

There’s an updated version available of this guide here This is a small guide i wrote for setting up a new Raspberry Pi server hosted at PCExtreme I know there are plenty of guides on how to secure your server, but i wanted this as a recipe for myself. I don’t normally use “cookbooks”, but since setting up a remote server isn’t as trivial as setting up a local server, i felt it was worth creating a list of things to do, afterall if things go wrong you can’t just pull the plug. [Read More]