I’m a 40 something Software Engineer / Application Architect, living in Denmark with my wife, two kids and a German Shepherd Dog.

I’ve worked as a system administrator, with various kinds of UNIX since 1990, been a DBA of a couple of Oracle installations, transitioned companies from OS/2 to Windows NT 4.0, worked as a developer on 16 bit kernels for mobile phones, 8 bit kernels for embedded hardware. I’ve writted logistics/sortation software, and I’ve worked in the finance sector. I’ve programmed everything from ASM to JavaScript.

My day job for the past 10 years or so has been in software integration, the top page of my browser history is always Enterprise Integration Patterns

I train my dog in the Danish Police Dog union, and i shoot traditional bow & arrow.

You won’t find much of that here!

This blog is my personal space, for my personal projects. The things you will find here will be stuff related to Raspberry Pi’s, Arduinos, ESP8266’s, and lately 3D Printing, which i tend to use for my electronics projects.

As always, feel free to contact me on Twitter @jimmyselgen