Ubiquiti UniFi AC, Pro and coverage.

Preface In my last post i reviewed the Ubiquiti UniFi AP, and while i was rather pleased with the performance, I wasn’t completely happy with the bandwidth available to me. The UniFi AP has a 100Mbit ethernet interface, and is capable of up to 300Mbit 802.11n, 2.4GHz only. In real world usage i saw bandwidth of 86Mbit, and while that is enough to stream four simultaneous HD streams, and fully saturate my 50⁄50 Mbit internet connection, it took a while to transfer files to/from my NAS. [Read More]

Ubiquiti UniFi Review

The story so far. As i described in my previous post, I recently converted my home router to a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite. Now the time has come to converting my Time Capsules (a 3rd generation and a 5th generation), both of which have been running my home WiFi. While the devices initially worked really well individually, increasing noise from the neighbors, more and more connected devices, and higher bandwidth requirements (streaming especially), eventually made in necessary to add a 2nd access point. [Read More]

Ubiquiti Edgemax Dual WAN With Failover Initial Setup

Preface A while ago, i decided to convert my home network to more “professional” gear. My existing setup had been performing great for years, but as line speeds continue to increase, and the number of connected devices seem to skyrocket, the network had gotten more and more sluggish, and the recent router hijacks just made me even more determined to get something that i have greater control over. Years ago i ran my own router on a Soekris net4801 running pfSense, but line speeds eventually got faster than what the Soekris could keep up with, and i ended up on consumer hardware. [Read More]

Using Raspberry Pi as a UniFi controller

Despite having had relatively high end network products, I’ve had numerous problems getting maximum performance from the network. Because of this, I’ve recently converted my home network from various consumer products to running mostly Ubiquity products, including EdgeMax Routers and UniFi AP. Part of the UniFi product line is the UniFi Controller, which is an application that sits on your network, and actively monitors your access points. Running it is optional except for various enterprise functions, like guest network hotspot. [Read More]